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Hi, I'm Austin. Please take a look around!

I am a Software Engineer specializing in Backend Web Development, Data Analysis and Solutions Architecture. Coming from a background in Project Management, I integrate well within business units and have a deep curiosity for business process and work flow. I have a passion for learning new tech and a drive for problem solving.

Currently working as a freelancer, building solutions for various clients across the US under my LLC, Cog Digital.


90K +

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After spending a solid day working inside PyCharm (My IDE of choice), you will often find me walking or hiking the sprawling trails around West Michigan. As much as "Wanderlust" may be an overused and romanticized word, it is one that is very fitting for me! I love to travel. Experiencing unique sights, culture and cuisines of countries across the globe is by far my favorite pass time.

Being a geek of geeks at heart, I enjoy tinkering with any sensor I can get my hands on for a Raspberry-Pi, watching the new documentary series that dropped last week, or diving into documentation of a new language/framework. Also, a nod to my other fellow D&D nerds out there, current build: Rogue, Arcane Trickster.

25 +

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Current Tool-kit
Batteries Included.
Specializing in Python's web (Django, Graphene, Django REST Framework, Flask) and data analysis libraries (NumPy, Pandas, MatPlotLib).
Utilized over 40 technologies in production environments, such as JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS and Celery to name a few. I am excited to continue leaning into new languages, frameworks, SDK's and more!

Proven Approach

Planning, setting expectations and developing using the SCRUM process are foundational methods used in each project taken on.


Evaluation is the starting place for each project. This is an opportunity for meetings to understand spec, project vision, establish MVP's and build pricing estimates.


During this phase, project features are fleshed out in great detail, priorities of development cycles are set and more accurate time frames are established.


At this point in the project cycle, project details for an MVP are written out and agreed upon and it's time for development to take off! Using the SCRUM process, goals are set and code is built and presented in a 2-3 week time schedule. We repeat this process until an MVP is complete.

Launch & Support

We have planned, developed and refined and your product is ready for launch! After your MVP is fully deployed, supporting the current build and working on the next version and future features will begin. Here's to a successful product!

Projects & Roles

Committed to Adding Value
With each project or role taken on, I challenge myself the same questions. What do I need to learn to be more effective? How can I best add value?

I pride myself on building projects & relationships that speak for themselves, check it out.
Proudly developing in Michigan